Some of those expressed by members on the 205 GTI Drivers forum include worries about the rising cost of parts, the increased risk of theft, cars being garaged away and fans being priced out of owning them. Peugeot 205 GTI. JamieG95 RMS Photographer. Forum; Welcome to Club Peugeot UK. indeed its on 205 gti drivers (great forum) Borbet A's will be staying, however a set of c2 steelies with R888's will be used on track. Retro Rides Weekender 2020. I was stymied the recruiters dismissed me out of hand because of 40 miles. Hi, I'm struggling to find a working spare central locking drivers door actuator for my 205 Gti 1990 Phase 1.5 car. I had the good fortune of owning a polo 1.6 GT TDI and a Laura 1.8 TSI petrol before and the GTI got the good bits of both these cars into one package. A small footprint with good power. Dream. Genuine original cars are highly sought after today, and identification of an original vehicle can be difficult. Readers Other Modifications. The Showcase. You caught me. peugeot 205 1.6 / 1.9 gti xs drivers door lock actuator 2 plug type. The unit is grey in colour and has 2 x 2 pin connectors - this is the type which only operates off the key in the door, and it does not have a motor in. Another variant was the 205 GTi 1.9, which was powered As a 205 GTI owner and enthusiast, I found increasingly that certain essential parts were becoming unavailable from the main dealer network. I have a couple of problems with my GTI and seeing as I just paid for a new clutch and 4 new tyres a month back, I want to keep my costs down. Admittedly, it has a Weber in it now, and is quicker, but I highly doubt it could keep up with an 8v GTi! £14.99 Add to Cart. As a whole, 205GTi was a car that encouraged the driver to drive hard. I have a 1.8 gl and an "on the road" test saw 60 in 12+ seconds. peugeot 205 1.6 / 1.9 gti xs n/s/f head light passenger side lamp unit. 2018 Golf GTI Performance 5dr manual, Isaac blue 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 Important Stuff. I love masks so much I sleep with one on. Carl Chambers - 306 Rallye. Damn. When it comes to twisty B-roads, the 205 GTI is an absolute belter, and it’s a car capable of putting a huge smile on your face. General Board. Biaritz pattern, black with read sticthing. The drips are coming about a third of the way in from the left ( in the UK this would be the drivers side). A total of 198 cars were sold in all. With this in mind, we created a transparent list of the highest-rated summer tyre models in the popular size - 205/55 R16. How a 304 lead to two 204`s. The fabric is good and cleans up very nicely, rear seats are near new and present very well. ... 205 gti 25 Jul 2016 #25 Andy_A said: ... Forum statistics. Stolen. 306 Roland Garros. The only suitable replacement strut I could find came from a 205 GTI. Although the replacement strut looks identical to the original, the car sits slightly down on the drivers side. May has been my second choice all along. I think earlier models had the relay under the bonnet in … My First Peugeot. Some of those expressed by members on the 205 GTI Drivers forum, include worries about the rising cost of parts, the increased risk of theft, cars being garaged away and fans being priced out … cloth GTI seats, half leather( many different styles but this and gree are most common another variation of the half leathers full leathers (rare option/ special edition cars) and for base modles u have different cloth seats for the "loo, XS , GTX, Miami, xl , xld ect" , however the Rolland Garros came with white and green half leathers when turning sharply. I have an impeccable driving record, extremely physical fit and a solid work history. There's a guys been reproducing quite a few 205 badges etc. That's why I'm selling it soon to make way for a GTi, I need the extra speed! 205's are pretty resilient in the old rot stakes as most of them had galvanised bodies but for some reason this one had a particularly bad case on the outer sill on the passenger side ... chopped rot out of drivers inner wing; strip and clean al wheel arches; 2 new front wings . Subject: other sites: 205 gti drivers forum cd.thomson. I have interviewed numerous drivers and studied this board. Must come from being in the Military and having to wear a neck gator to cut back on the sand snacks. Contributor Posts 3212 Registered 6/11/08 Location Nottingham Member Is Offline Photo Archive Building: dax rush. Cleaned `till Immaculate. Still surprises me how relatively easy it is getting bits for 205's, being used to having to hunt high and low for MK1/2 stuff. The faster it went, the more fun the driver gained. Why 205? I found an article on 205 gti owners website which seems like my problem, the problem is related to free play in driveshaft under cornering conditions and they are bottoming out Has anyone experienced this I run with 2 -ve camber I have moved the engine towards the drivers side on the gearbox mount not sure if this will be enough Like the VW Golf GTI and Renault 5 GT Turbo, the Peugeot GTI was a big name in the early years of hot hatches, and is now considered a modern classic. For drivers (Dads with kids) who want the exhilaration of a sports car but prefer ample rear seat passenger room, sports sedans are a popular choices, with cars like the BMW M3 or AMG C63 on top of most people’s list. below is a screenshot of the rear suspension jbeam. £19.99 Add to Cart. The car originally started as a 1.6 GTI, I bought the car in late 2015 with quite a few problems. ... John Simpson - 505 GTI. Tyres in the size 205/55 R16 have become one of the leading on the market over the past two decades. Don't get me started on GTi6 drivers! Haha, I … Rob Exell - 504 Pick-Up. I've made a crude form of torsion suspension and the main problem I'm having is the wheels becoming really unstable/going wobbly under high lateral forces, e.g. posted on 31/8/09 at 09:03 AM: other sites: 205 gti drivers forum Does anyone who uses the 205 gti drivers forum know how to go about getting an account over there? In situations like this it’s worth looking at reviews of real drivers that use the specific tyre models you’re looking at. The GTI was on sale from 2016-2019 and was offered in four colours Reflex Silver, Pure White, Black and Flash Red. Five years ago a 205 GTI in reasonable condition that needed work could be bought for £1500 or less and a good one for £3000. Sill Repair - 205 GTI. I bet I am the only one in the forum who has driven that car in -27 or if that is not enough, over frozen sea Where to start, My car was model 1988, it were sold in 2005 after 17 years of driving and 205 … I have a few questions. Head rests a little worse, pulled threads at bottom but quite useable. The 205 T16 was ready to go, and to measure up against marques that were already present, such as Renault, Lancia, Porsche, Opel and a little later, Audi. including copies of the original GTI mudflap ones I used below. I drove around 100 000km with 205 Peugeot, non-gti though. 205 1.9 GTI 146,000 miles MOT until 29 September 2017 The car has only done just over 9,000 miles in the last 11 years. Standing in front of the car looking towards it. exactly why good drivers liked it so much. 1988 205 GTI - Rotten Sill Replacment. ... Fortunately 205 shells were galvanised as standard so you don't find many with really bad rot so I think this may have have been a replacement one by the looks of things. This identification guide has been produced for the Phase 2 Peugeot 205 GTI, built between 1990 and 1994. I was hoping to go to work for GTI so I could take a ride on your sailboat. I can only get 105mph, max, downhill outa my Golf! Founded in 1981, Club Peugeot UK is the UK's longest established Peugeot club ... Issue 205 Oct 2020. Trust. The Question Section. 205 GTI - My other ride - posted in Other Brands Discussion: This is my Phase 2 in Miami Blue, which has recently had a 2.0 16v engine conversion. The 205 STDT (special trim diesel turbo) was available only in the 3-door bodyshell with a 1,769 cc turbo diesel engine (XUD7 T/K) with the trim and luxuries of the 205 GTI. With monster engines, firmer suspension systems and more aggressive looks, sport sedans are a great addition to a family garage. M@tt, Jan 31, 2011 #1. 1) Water leak. It really won't need much else, a new standard exhaust, a detail and a section of drivers seat cloth and it's very good at that All fitted and some spot light driving protectors also! Video Forum. Readers Rides. Grantley, iv PM'd you numerous times on the 205 drivers forum trying to buy that engine, you did initially reply saying it was for sale but never been back in touch since. The later black ones with 1 x 2 pin and 1 x 3 pin connectors are not the same. Technical and Legal. Just so happens they're exactly the right size to cover the existing '205' script. The drivers side luckily appears to be solid though (phew!!) Power came from a high-revving 1.6 four with an astonishing 115 bhp. Drive. Build. The full Peugeot 205 GTI (1984-1994) buyers guide Everything you need to check for when buying a 205 GTI Search Peugeot 205 GTIs for sale on Classic Cars for Sale. Guides and How Tos. 306 will be continue the way its going, if i listened to every1 that didnt agree with me in life id have a pretty dull boring one at that. The car was initially marketed towards executives, with soft cloth bucket seats in Beige with matching carpet and dashboard, as also found in the Gentry models. In very good to good condition, drivers seat bolster is going but not gone. My 205 STDT turbo diesel(205 GTI lookalike) suffered a collapsed drivers side front McPherson strut. I've been beaten by a 1.1 pug 205 in a race! peugeot 205 gti 1.9 Fuel relay switch - pug3 : The fuel pump relay on my 1990 GTi is under the drivers side dash,in front of the injection ECU.The panel has to be removed under the dash to see the relay.The relay is a push fit. Retro Rides Store. peugeot 205 1.6 / 1.9 gti xs interior light map light. Suspension is described I the advert - Spax 60mm struts and spring on front, Bilstein yellows on the back with Powerflex rear bump stops and torsion bar lowered a lot. Threads 209,359 Messages 3,600,527 Members 23,862 … Garage Life. While hesitant at low speed the motor loved to rev high. Looking from the side of the car it would be about mid engine. 9 Feb 2010 at 11:05 #11. Reactions: ciarandeery1. Location Coleraine Drives M3 28 Nov 2017 #36 You can all come have a 205 GTI meet when I have my Peugeot showroom opening evening in Feb. Small Torque.