The method you use to apply for a taxi vehicle licence will depend on whether you will be operating in London or outside. Alternatively, you can provide documentary evidence of your English language ability, such as with a GCSE, NVQ, A Level, or degree certificate in any subject taught in English. In London, TfL has created a temporary arrangement where licences are issued to those that pass the final exam, one the condition that they complete an assessment when a new solution is confirmed. In most cases, you have to: There are differences between getting a taxi driver licence in London and outside of the capital, as well as differences between taxi and private hire vehicles. Updated: Mar 20, 2020 Published: Mar 20, 2020, How to start a takeaway business from home, Scarlett writes for the automotive, energy, hosting and website sections of the site. Other parts of the UK may require theory testing as well. Hackney carriages have a meter. Some of the neighbouring local authorities have set up agreements with each other. Being allowed to work 'legally' in the United Kingdom. This gives you a yellow badge, meaning that you can operate in one of nine suburban sectors. You can now apply online for all driver/vehicle licences in the licensing portal. In most cases, you have to: Hold a full UK or EU driving licence, for a minimum of 12 months (or three years if you want to work in … They also enforce the rules on taxi colouring (e.g. For more in-depth insight, check out our guide on, Becoming a taxi driver offers you the freedom to work when and where, taxi driver practical test in Northern Ireland, English language requirement for private hire driver licences, how to apply for a private hire driver licence, Weekdays - £60, evenings and weekends - £90, £70 (for hackney carriage, private hire and executive hire), Hackney carriage: £175 (one year), £215 (three years), Business bank accounts are an essential tool for new businesses. a medical certificate showing that you meet the taxi driver’s health requirements (health requirements for group 2) that is no more than six months old, or a comprehensive medical certificate, in which the effects of ageing are considered, if you are aged 68 or over If you’re interested in joining the growing numbers of taxi drivers in the UK, you’re in the right place. You’ll also need to meet certain other requirements, such as driving ability and background checks. To meet the eligibility criteria, the private hire vehicle must: Note: TfL will need to inspect your vehicle. So whether you see yourself in one of London’s famous black cabs or working for a ride-sharing app like Uber, read on for all the information you need! For more information on this matter please refer to our policy on the National Register of Taxi Licence Revocations and Refusals (NR3). Certain other types of violations and offences can result in a prosecution and a fine. *For taxi drivers who have submitted a complete application, section 17(7) of the Transport Act 1985 may be applicable. With the number of taxi and private hire vehicles increasing in the UK, there’s clearly opportunity in this industry. This includes all taxi licensing surgery appointments, drop-in sessions, … You will be able to pay for your licence fee during the online application process. Book a vehicle inspection. One of the important ones is a PHV operator licence issued by the local authority. Other benefits include receiving tips in addition to fares, potentially building rapport with regular customers, and the camaraderie from meeting other taxi drivers. Any driver who submits a renewal application after the expiry of their licence will no longer be licensed and cannot work until a new licence is issued. We'll guide you through the ins and outs of becoming a taxi driver, and get you from A to B. Apply for a taxi driver licence. Alternatively, you can provide documentary evidence of your English language ability, such as with a GCSE, NVQ, A Level, or degree certificate in any subject taught in English. In fact, the regulation of taxicabs and private hire vehicles is especially meticulous in London. Anyone who runs a private hire business would also need to have the correct driver's licence (either). Do not have more than eight (8) passenger seats. The theory test involves answering multiple choice questions and passing a hazard perception exam, in which you watch video clips to measure how well you respond to road scene hazards. Visit our Complaints Policy page if you experience issues. A small operator's licence (for running up to 2 vehicles for private hire bookings). You must be at least 21 years of age and have a TfL driver's licence to become a taxi driver and operate in London. Successful applicants will receive a renewal form from Transport for London (TfL) before the expiry of the current taxi or PHV driver's licence. The exact requirements to become a taxi driver vary according to your state and city of residence, as well as the company you want to work for. Becoming a taxi driver offers you the freedom to work when and where you want to. Type of driving licence You need a licence to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle. Not be the same in appearance to a licensed taxi (e.g. Suspends your licence, takes it away, or they refuse to renew it. CONTACT | By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. While there are some general criteria to meet (such as the age and driving requirements), the amount you’ll pay and the length of time for obtaining it depend on where in the UK you’re based. In this case, you would be able to make an appeal to a magistrates' court if the licensing authority: Note: You can use the online service to find the contact details for magistrates' courts and tribunal venues in England and Wales. Learn how to apply for a vocational licence Transport for London (TfL) will need to inspect your vehicle. One way to achieve this is by taking a test with a provider appointed by TfL. If you decide to turn driving taxis from a job into your own full-time business, you could eventually manage a whole fleet of cabs, as well as operate across multiple locations. A licence may also contain special conditions. But, a minicab (often called a 'private hire vehicle') must be pre-booked. You can now book your vehicle inspection online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, the taxi driver practical test in Northern Ireland examines your actual driving ability, as well as your understanding of road safety and transporting passengers, amongst other criteria. blue hackney carriages in Bristol, and white with aquamarine in Bristol). In order to operate an Uber service, you need to get a PHV licence. Important: Some of the processes for driving or operating taxis (e.g. The correct method is to obtain multiple licences (i.e. As a rule, Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) is a requirement for the registration and licensing of stretch limousines. Find out about eligibility requirements for a taxi (T) or charter (bus) (F) driver's licence extension in Western Australia and how to apply. Any such licence that is not then renewed is liable to be withdrawn from use until the current target of a maximum demand level of 220 hackney carriages has been reached unless good cause for the failure to renew is shown. The main reason is so that passengers can tell them apart. As a rule, the council will want to check the vehicle to make sure it is in a roadworthy, clean, condition and: You will need adequate vehicle insurance that includes you as the named driver and covers you to operate for hire and reward. To drive a taxi, private hire car or bus, or to work as a school bus attendant, you must have a vocational licence. Display valid licence discs (some exceptions may apply). You would need to apply for a private hire vehicle licence with Transport for London to use it for private hire work. The applicant does not accept any conditions given to them. To become a private hire driver in London, you can expect to pay £627.50 or more, plus the GP fee for the medical. You can apply directly to become a taxi driver if you've got a taxi driver's licence. But, it cannot be more than three (3) times per year. Anyone who works as a one-person operator would also need to get driver and vehicle licences as well. If you are planning to operate outside of London, you may or may not have to meet an English language requirement – again, this depends on the local council. Important: Operators who try to avoid limo licensing regulations by hiring out the vehicle and drivers (e.g. Note: The Department for Transport announced new licensing guidelines in February 2019 to increase the safety of passengers in taxis and minicabs. But, unless the limousine is being hired out without a driver, it must be run by a licensed operator. These are: For more detailed information, visit the TfL page on learning the Knowledge of London. This page offers information and application forms on the various taxi / private hire licences that are available such as running an office which takes bookings for taxis / private hire cars, a driver licence for a taxi / private hire or if you want to use your own car as a taxi / private hire car. You’ll need to give some personal information about yourself to create the account, and provide a photo for the licence. You can find your local council online to get further information and advice. Different vocational licences have different requirements The application process will take about 30 working days, if all the documents are in order. But the capital isn’t the only place that you can cash in on the need for taxis: with services operating across the UK, there are a variety of places where you can base up. TfL provide a special form to report touting and illegal cabs inside the capital city. Also, you’ll need to ensure that the local council has granted Uber permission to operate in its district. The exact details and processes are determined by your local council outside of London, or by TfL if you intend to work in the capital. There are several licences required to run a business as a private hire vehicle (PHV) operator in the United Kingdom. The theory test involves answering multiple choice questions and passing a hazard perception exam, in which you watch video clips to measure how well you respond to road scene hazards. The local council will need to licence and inspect your taxi or private hire vehicle if you will be operating outside of London. Theory testing varies depending on your location – your local council should be able to provide you with more information. Transport for London (TfL) issue licences for taxi and private hire drivers in the capital city. Taxi and Private Hire Covid-19 Updates Apply online for your taxi or private hire licence. A standard operator's licence (no limit on the number of vehicles you run). To drive a taxi in London, you’ll need to pass The Knowledge. Whereas, the maximum validity of driver licenses is three (3) years and up to one (1) year for vehicle licences. Limousines do not require a licence when used for weddings and funerals providing they have no more than eight (8) passenger seats. As well as Uber, you could consider Bolt or Kapten, if you’re a licenced private hire driver. chauffeurs) separately are breaking the law. Here, we highlight the key tests you need to pass. Your local licensing authority will give you details of the exact requirements that apply in your area. There are also operating licences to take into consideration. None of the vehicles can have more than eight (8) passenger seats. Before you apply for a taxi driver’s licence you must have held a full Category B (car) driving licence continuously for at least three years. Receiving payment for taking bookings or for supplying drivers for hire without holding a valid operator's licence can result in a prosecution. To apply for a Taxi drivers licence, please complete the application form once you have read all the guidance Data Matching This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided on … Before applying you should read the licensing guidance notes which set out the requirements of applicants. the London-style 'black cab'). There are different ways for you apply depending on whether you’ll operate: Generally, popular times include in the evenings or at weekends, making it ideal if you don’t want to work a standard 9-5 job – or even if you want to supplement a 9-5 job. The vehicle fails to meet the eligibility criteria. Information for fleet owners. The length of time it takes to become a licenced taxi driver varies depending on if you learn the All-London Knowledge or a Suburban sector. Note: The licence requirements vary in the different regions. Note: The driver, the vehicle, and the operator must be licensed by the same licensing authority. Previously, The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) used to provide tests for taxi driving for local councils: however, this stopped on 1 January 2017. The suspension, revocation, or the refusal to renew a vehicle licence by the licensing authority. Important: Failing to fix any problems within two (2) months of a test failure can result in the loss of a PHV licence. Transport for London (TfL) licenses taxis and minicab firms that operate inside London. The maximum length of time a private hire vehicle operator licence can last is five (5) years. You must make sure your vehicle is suitable for the test and you must hold the right driving licence to drive it. You can report an operator or a driver that is operating without a licence by contacting the council in the area where the offence took place. They are licensed to pick up fare paying passengers on the street or those who have pre-booked. This is often a common way into this job. Read our how to become an Uber driver guide for more detailed information. Be considered as a 'fit and proper person' (you may have your background and character checked). Doing so gives them the power to apprehend taxis who 'trespass' outside of their licensed area. You must apply for a private hire operator licence from TfL to run a business as a private hire operator inside London. These include: Once you’ve got your licence, it’s time to start working. So how do you become a taxi driver? There are several stages to completing The Knowledge. Essentially, you must apply to your local council for a licence to drive a taxi or a private hire vehicle (PHV) outside of London. TfL manages licencing for taxis and PHVs in London. As well as the practical aspects, like passing tests and having the correct licence, there are other skills needed to be a taxi driver. Startup loans can be a great option. Anyone who runs a private hire business would also need to have the correct driver's licence (either). Visit the TfL page on the. Licensing: Taxi driver licence application form (PDF 0.21MB) Licensing: D796 Driver 3 year mandate consent form (PDF 0.19MB) Licensing: Hackney carriage and private hire licensing policy (PDF 0.97MB) Information in this section explains the driver and vehicle licence rules and regulations for taxis and PHVs (also called hackney carriages, black cabs, or London taxis). Better still, you won’t need any particular qualifications, besides the standard driving and licensing requirements. vehicle registration and standards). You’ll need to pass the necessary tests in order to receive your taxi driver licence. First time applicants and those renewing their licence more than two years after expiry of last licence must have passed a taxi driver practical test. You cannot operate your vehicle as a taxi or as a private hire vehicle (PHV) until you get it licensed. The total number of licenced taxi and PHVs increased by 2.5% (7,200 vehicles) from 2018 to 2019 in England. Before you can legally operate and drive fare paying passengers for hire and reward, you must have the correct driver's licence. Private hire vehicles (PHVs) must be pre-booked and it will be the private hire operator that sets the rates. Once licensed, all drivers are required to complete an awareness course on child sexual exploitation within three months of their licence being granted. A small operator's licence (for running up to 2 vehicles for private hire bookings). In some cases, the council will attach certain conditions to private hire vehicle licences, such as: There are several reasons why a local council will refuse an application for a taxi and PHV vehicle licence, such as if: Having made a decision, the applicant would get an explanation from the council about the right to appeal, for situations that include: You can make an appeal to a crown court about a taxi licence decision. Note: There is a fee for each type of licence and it would last for up to five (5) years. For more information, visit the TfL pages on, – you’ll need to be able to talk with, and listen to, passengers in a personable way, – whether it’s dealing with challenging customers or navigating tricky traffic, a cool and collected demeanour is essential, – from knowing the quickest way to get somewhere to ensuring customers’ safety, you’ll need to be meticulous when running a taxi service, While you’ll have greater freedom running your own taxi firm, you should bear in mind that you’ll have to build a customer base and find a niche to help you beat the competition. If you decide to become a taxi driver in London, you can drive the iconic black cabs that the capital is famous for. If a Hackney Vehicle (Taxi) licence is not renewed before expiry then the licence cannot usually be renewed without the express permission of a Chairperson’s Hearing process. Here are the options available to you: When you’re just beginning your taxi driving career, it can be wise to join an existing firm. For private hire vehicle licences in London, this is referred to as a topographic skills assessment, in which you could be asked how to plot a route, for example. Authorities can destroy or confiscate a limousine if it does not have the correct license or is not adequately insured. . Note: A Certificate of Fitness (COIF) is usually accepted for limos built before the 29th of July 2011. You can register online for either type of licence. For more information, visit the TfL pages on how to apply for a taxi driver licence, and how to apply for a private hire driver licence. one for each licence authority area). Apply for a driver's licence.