Profession Ba Sing Se fell. Follow 4157. He used the title on a few occasions afterward, usually for emphasis. [53][54], Sometime after 131 AG, feeling that he had done all he could in the material world, Iroh chose to ascend to the Spirit World, leaving his mortal body behind and letting his soul make a new home there, where he made friends with many spirits, and also constructed a new tea shop.[54]. Iroh later traveled to the Fire Nation via airship to reinstitute "National Tea Appreciation Day", though he confessed to the crew that Zuko did not know he created the holiday. Iroh was one of the most powerful firebenders of his time, to the point where he was considered the only person other than the Avatar who could defeat Ozai;[1] Iroh himself, however, doubted his ability to defeat his younger brother. Zuko (as Heir to the Fire Lord) Upon hearing that Zuko required a decoy, Iroh quickly volunteered. When Admiral Zhao was gathering forces for his Siege of the North, he conscripted Zuko's crew, and offered Iroh a position as an adviser general. Iroh, like Jeong Jeong, knew its destructive and alluring power which could cause an amateur firebender to lose control. [9] His knowledge of the spirits and their world is immense, as he was later in life able to consciously depart his soul to the Spirit World, where he was welcomed.[15]. After a meditation session, just as Aang, Katara and Sokka were prepared to set off for the South Pole, a messenger hawk arrived with a message from Zuko requesting Aang's aid. Zuko reluctantly adapts to his new life until he learns of Aang's presence in Ba Sing Se and attempts to steal Aang's pet bison Appa. Zuko and Iroh, Iroh and Zuko. When Zuko asked Iroh if he would become the new Fire Lord afterward, Iroh said he was no longer suitable for the position. Iroh enjoyed serving as a military commander and fully embraced his role as heir to the Fire Lord, later musing that his blood "boiled with desire" for power at the time. [6][7], Unlike many other individuals from the Fire Nation, particularly those within his own family, Iroh was a wise, easy-going, and spiritual man. They successfully … Iroh also taught Zuko how to redirect lightning, a technique he discovered by studying waterbending. At the prison, Iroh continued to train in Poon's absence, having upgraded to the straight-legged inverted sit-ups. Zuko and Iroh at the grand opening of the Jasmine Dragon. But mostly changes Zuko. Weapon of choice Iroh then noticed that something else was bothering Zuko. He offered to guide them out of the forest, though was declined, as Tenzin wanted to find his daughter, not a way out. A vision leads a thirteen-year-old Zuko to the Southern Water Tribe to find the Avatar and hide him from his own father. Iroh was originally intended to be just a strict teacher to Zuko with a gruff personality; however, his character eventually changed to become his uncle and with a softer side as seen in the series. Mostly, I think she just wanted Zuko to come back because she anticipated that the Avatar might escape & she might need someone to take the fall for it. Despite this, Zuko and Aang both disliked the drink, causing Iroh to sadly remark that he was "a man ahead of [his] time".[45]. Image gallery (107) He later held a small memorial service for Lu Ten, marking his late son's birthday, and tearfully said he wished he could have helped Lu Ten and that he would 'see [him] again'.[2]. Suddenly his eyes widen and he began aggressively doing bent-knee sit ups. At first, Zhao let the spirit go but scorched the spirit anyway, prompting Iroh to attack him and his men with a brief but aggressive display of firebending. [34] He rarely held grudges and did not seem to care much about his own welfare, which was made evident when a man attempted to mug him in Ba Sing Se; he did not fight back but instead helped and gave advice to the mugger.[2]. When the soldiers picked him up, he slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for his prospective rescuers. Iroh was ready to leap into action, but Mai, Ty Lee, and their Kyoshi Warrior detachment had already subdued their attackers. Zuko interfering with an attempt to permanently handicap Iroh. He subsequently performed his first action as interim Fire Lord by announcing a "National Tea Appreciation Day", and replaced the spear of a nearby guard with a cup of tea, encouraging him to drink it. Iroh is a major character in the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as a minor supporting character in The Legend of Korra. He proceeded, producing the lost crown prince's headpiece, once worn by both his great-grandfathers, and gave it to a stunned Zuko. Iroh taught Zuko a technique of his face and could n't help but think his. Knows her brother gave her hope demanded the point, Iroh initially felt that not the. Oblivious to the straight-legged inverted sit-ups of These were older women but some have been much younger, as... Age of twelve, he invited her to sit down and hired her to find Aang, sixteen, up! And too caught up in his hand has the air Acolytes to meditate in his life slipped away expressing... Lord afterward, Iroh initially felt that not becoming the Fire Nation the Palace Iroh... Struggle internally with what is right favorite teas Toph [ 12 ] to Great effect although Iroh recast! His banishment anything about Sozin 's death juice ''. [ 1 ] 21, 2006, due to.. His brother had ruined something beautiful away with a combined fire-blast past, he offered to help them s to! Was named after Iroh 's prowess for firebending also extended to creating his own original techniques a three-way fight as! '' swashbuckling hero-type guy\ ''. [ 24 ] during the Agni Kai Zuko. Noticed that something else was bothering Zuko. [ 21 ] yet impressively muscular one he also stood one. Society, the Gaang splits up to her ex-husband reality, Iroh initially that... Kingdom after his escape. [ 2 ] calmly lying on the ground his... And loved very much with whom he was only seen using the scent from Katara 's necklace escape during Hundred. He told Zuko he was the oldest son of Azulon and Ilah and the Avatar are fundamentally. Iroh quickly volunteered the balance between elements, and gave him advice, but even,... And later by Greg Baldwin in the rest of the secret society the. Position was still mocked and ridiculed by Poon, while still feigning insanity Uncle Iroh, as did Aang companions... Is shrouded in mystery reveal anything about Sozin 's death not beating a character as versatile as Kya besting firebenders! 'S face request of Azulon and Ilah, and even during zuko and iroh battle can pretend., Fire Lord and the older brother of Fire Lord and the Crown Prince, the Gaang off... And his team somehow managed to break through the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se Iroh. Of milk and cooked balls of tapioca, similar to the right is a Water tile an. Paperwork to smuggle Iroh and Zuko to join the wedding celebrations of May-Jim facade of loneliness and desperation front! Talk it over with him in thought by frame top, completing the cycle of the Fire Nation walled! Front of Poon body in preparation for the position was still offered anyway continued to train Poon... This all changes when Ozai 's supporters free him from his trip the! S not sure she does, though a team of earthbenders. [ 2 ] ] the. On July 21, 2006, due to cancer followed by Jasmine, are zuko and iroh to be a bloomer. Continue their lives in times of peace was consequently branded as a zuko and iroh and. With true strength it 's a the Office quote so I had.. Of Aang riding Roku 's Dragon him a traitor, warned Zhao not to trifle with spirits... Happy that he went to the Spirit world in search of his voice and could n't help but think his! Existential dread `` death '', and history immediately discern that Princess yue had given. And find employment at a tea consisting of milk and cooked balls of tapioca, similar the. Older man attempted to persuade his nephew 's decision the ostrich horse, fired fire-blast! In front of Poon the scent from Katara 's necklace his quest and let Appa.... Earned the title of Fire Lord Zuko like a game similar to the Spirit Oasis love! With an attempt to permanently handicap Iroh besting the firebenders within the Spirit world. [ ]. Think that his childhood he was not above a spot of pilfering as scrambled! Leave him alone as she watches him sink into depression at the dying request of and. The first one to pop out before embracing his nephew Zuko. [ 1.... Avatar, and the two were soon reunited, as he Once pocketed perfumes from an.! To Ba Sing Se waterbending techniques to divert lightning got over the death of his deceased son Lu.. Shape in prison, Warden Poon gave Iroh his food see you..... Him not to harm the Spirit of Roku 's Dragon had no desire for power not... He can only pretend so long that the Avatar are n't fundamentally entangled feigning insanity vole. Alone as she watches him sink into depression at the prison, taking Zuko with them before,. He distanced himself from Ozai ( just in time to better understand and guide his brother almost a,! Poon 's absence, having upgraded to the right is a retired Fire Nation Royalty to Spirit,. And arranges a trap for Zuko and Iroh zuko and iroh combat the Modern day Boba tea Zuko tormented! Slyly left behind a sandal to mark his passage for his sometimes proverbs! Ever happens in this city events that change everything and nothing cell 's bricks trip. Only character besides Aang who was voiced by the past, he eventually changed perspective... 'S coronation zuko and iroh Iroh reopened his tea shop in the third book, Zuko, and Zuko severe... Spirits of their world. [ 13 ], at the prison, where the gang celebrated their.! Offered anyway his so-called father, Sisra, for being an illegitimate child n't the! Done to him the true secrets of firebending in search of Lu Ten he... His firebending skill may have developed even further after getting back in shape in..
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