I have tried cleaning the disc many different ways but still nothing. 0. Select [HDMI] as the connector type on your display, then press the [X] button. This resets the hardware and sets the video output to the default composite cable. PS3 Eye Black Screen . My ps3 freezes on a black screen when starting gta5? So as the title says, whenever I boot a game (in that case Catherine), I just get a black screen and nothing else. Ps3 model : cex CFW : rebug 4.80 rex edition ReactPSN installed Cobra mode enabled rebug mode enabled So i have a problem with a particular back up of NFS RIVALS DUPLEX BLUS31201 version. Yesterday I turn it on, and it comes up black. When the PS3™ is started up, the XMB menu is not displayed (only the wave screen background appears). 3. Follow 284. bruno420. I recently got a ps3 fat from a friend for free. My PS3 has been working perfectly fine for months. 1) Turn off your PlayStation 3 and turn it back on again, but do this by holding the power button for 5 seconds. So I tried to change my setting by setting the SPU Decoder to Interpreter (Fast) instead of the default one and surprise, the game actually boots, but it runs really poorly (about 10 to 15 fps in game, 60 in cutscenes). I have a 120GB slim, hooked up to my HP 2159m monitor through HDMI. Well, let me help you. It has something to do with your internet connection, so don't wait longer and check out how you can fix ps3 black screen problems! It should've been patched by now (if that even was a problem with the game itself). Turn on your PS3. Close. If your TV screen is black and you have no picture from the gaming system, hold down the power button for 10 seconds, until you hear two beeps. Home Forums PC, Console & Handheld Discussions Sony PlayStation 3 Discussions PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew PS3 black screen, no signal, when booting with CFW Habib 4.75 v.1.00 By MadMaxGR , Aug 23, 2015 1,293 3 0 Hello ! When I turn my PS3 on I just get a black screen of nothingness but the green light is on the PS3... damn this **** 13 years ago. When i load the game through multiman it loads successfully and returns to xmb. Ps3 fat black screen when trying to run Ps2 pkg games. Posted: 08 February 2010 01:45 PM [ Ignore] New Member. Highlight [Video Output Settings], then press the [X] button. when i click on the game it goes to black screen and hangs up. Total Posts: 2. Ps3 fat black screen when trying to run Ps2 pkg games. Press the [X] button icon button to "Change" the display of the system. (You will hear a beep) Now, you're back to original settings. When the PS3™ is started up, nothing appears on the screen. i am facing problems with the program i installed it successfully but when i try to view the cam by the testing its just completely black. Turn the PS3 back on. A Few ways on how to fix ps3 black screen. Forum Posts. It had a broken Blu-ray so i install cobra NOBD on it. You will be informed that the console will test the settings for 30 seconds. shadow. Posted by 5 months ago. PS3 pkg are running fine but when i try ruining ps2 pkg i get a black screen. Well, the black screen issue seems to have been shortly after the game was released. My game is in almost brand new condition, and my ps3 works fine with every other game So every time I try to start it lately it goes to a black screen and freezes. Joined 2010-02-08. hiii everyone.
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