Aircraft 360 degree photography and virtual tours are a unique way to showcase aircraft to potential customers – especially when experienced through Virtual Reality VR Headsets. ‎Designed for both the iPad, and iPhone, by professional pilots, instructors and check airman flying the A320 series airliner. Earlier last decade, in Global Security, there was a discussion about potential A360 and A370 aircraft. Navigable and interactive 360° environment making the training more interactive and attractive. It aims at familiarizing cabin crews with the localization of the cabin safety equipment and the main cabin components. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. A video of a 360° cockpit view on Airbus A320 of Swiss flight LX2804 taking off from Zurich International Airport and landing at Geneva International Airport.. It is accessible from any device and available with operating systems such as Android, Windows and IOS. $20.99. After 11 years in Seattle, he now lives in Austin with his wife and flies over 100,000 miles every year. Blick is a Swiss daily newspaper published in German, and they recently created a 360-degree video of the cockpit in a SWISS A320 during its flight from Geneva to Zurich. or Best Offer. The family includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321, and the ACJ business jet. Entrée #2; Retour vers le futur. To add to Gerry's answer (and this will be slightly too long for a comment), there is a huge disadvantage to drastically changing the cockpit when going from an A320 to the A320 NEO or from a B737-300 to the B737-700, or 737 NG to 737 Max, and that has to do with the existing fleets. Airbus uses cookies (including from third parties) to offer useful features and measure performance to improve you browsing experience, providing visitors with the best possible experience when using the website. 4K 360° COCKPIT CAM: Airbus A380 Takeoff, Lufthansa from Munich to Hongkong!!! The 360° Virtual Cabin is an integrated training media which replicates the real & entire aircraft cabin of the airline via 360° photos. Seat inside the A320 cockpit and enjoy 360 video in flight. Increase motivation, leading to better training results. Accept, In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Airbus fleet, Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380. Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger and first officer Martin Radinger take you to a … Although edited for time, the ~5 minute video still shows taxi, takeoff, and landing. View full 360° panorama of Boeing 737-800 cockpit in 100MP resolution. Airbus A360 . Please view our privacy policy for details about the information we share with our partners. Save up to 20% when you buy more. By clicking “Accept”, you agree to the use of cookies. The Virtual Handset Trainer is an innovative software programme which simulates the overall cabin handset operations. Categories. Step into the A220 Family cockpit for a 360 degree view A320 The A320 Family benefits fully from the features of Airbus commonality, which airlines have come to depend on for maximum operational versatility, optimal economic efficiency and the best use of flight, cabin and maintenance crews. The aim of the Cabin Crew extended training is to deliver to Airlines an extended training during the Entry-into-Service of the aircraft with an Airbus instructor. This site is for entertainment purposes only. ByVictor Berdugo. Derniers articles. Create a new collection. Moving up, the smallest passenger variant of the A330, the A330-800, seats a maximum of 406. Brand New. But for the first time is in full 360° and ultra resolution. We are building an Airbus A320 simulator "as real as it gets" Targetted towards the advanced home cockpit simulator community, we are building a truly spectacular A320 simulator that makes use of a real original Airbus cockpit, combined with super detailed and realistic own developed software. Cockpit 360 Découvrez le DR401 comme si vous y étiez ! Since Blick made the video, you can also learn a little more about the actual flight depicted. This is 3rd panorama in cockpit series after Boeing 787, Airbus 320. Only 21 A320-100s were produced. Currently, the largest A320-family member, the A321, has a maximum seating capacity of 244. The innovative “Airbus VR Flight Trainer” will first be used in the Airbus training centres from the second half of 2020, with the aim to make it an integral part of the Airbus type rating curriculum. Enhanced knowledge of Airbus aircraft and cabin systems leads to cabin crews’ optimum service on-board and passengers’ full satisfaction. Airbus apparently conducted market research when looking for a name for the A380 super-jumbo, originally known as the A3XX. 25 watchers. or Best Offer. This 11m25s video from Switzerland’s Blick newspaper brings us inside the cockpit with the pilot and copilot for a 360 degree interactive take off and landing of an Airbus A320. This site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. The A320 Cockpit Poster includes the flight instruments, the center pedestal, and the overhead panel. The whole time you can spin around to see what the pilot and copilot are doing, or just check out the activity on the far side of the airfield. The Airbus A320 family consists of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger jet airliners manufactured by Airbus. Editorial Disclosure: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, hotel, airline, or other entity mentioned herein. La Palma. Learn to how to find the cheapest awards. Articles are of a general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. I am still here! Not anymore, thanks to the Swiss website Blick, which recently posted an interactive video that allows viewers to turn the camera 360 degrees inside of an Airbus A320 cockpit. From P51 Mustangs to 747 jumbo jets, the AeroCapture Images Cockpit 360 App has something for everyone. 360-degree interior images of aircraft on display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Adria Airways 1961 – 2019; In Memoriam of Holt McMinn; AVOEMPARTS.COM; Genuine MIP frame and screen modification. Supported by all mobile devices. Suivez Robin Aircraft sur les réseaux sociaux. Smooth Entry-into-Service & Safe Operations, Consumables, Expendables and Standard Parts, Trolley for Removal / Installation of Galleys, Tool for Removal / Installation of Lavatories, Standard & supplementary provisioning documents, Maintenance Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Training, Maintenance Initial Refresh Training (IRT), Structure Part 145 Composite for Technicians Training, Digital Solutions for Aircraft Availability, AP/FD TCAS - Traffic Collision Avoidance System, Flight Operations Expertise and other Services, Camera based Video Surveillance System (CVMS), 360° photos of the Cabin in HD quality with interactive pop-up windows that provide information (photos - movies - texts) on components visible in the 360° photo environments, Edition mode allowing evolution of the pop-up windows by the Airline, Application frame customized to the Airline’s graphical chart, User guide to explain how the application works and how the Airline can customize it with their own content (please refer to the Standard Commercial Offer for details). Free shipping. Explore the links below to discover more about Aircraft. Try out the full functionality of the app for one day before you commit to purchase. With more than 400 orders before the aircraft even took flight (especially compared to the earlier A300 that only had 15 orders), the A320 series would quickly become a staple product for the company. sstusek 17/08/2009 01/12/2017 A320 COCKPIT, DIY BUILD, View One of important things for proper cockpit “flying illusion” is outside view. Share. Although edited for time, the ~5 minute video still shows taxi, takeoff, and landing. The aircraft family can accommodate up to 220 passengers and has a range of 3,100 to 12,000 km (1,700 to 6,500 nmi), depending on model. The Airbus A320 Cockpit Poster was drawn with a focus on both photo-realism and instructional value, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the A320 cockpit before ever stepping foot inside one! Spain The 360° Virtual Cabin can be used as a standalone or integrated solution in Airline learning platform. It aims at familiarizing cabin crews with the localization of the cabin safety equipment and the main cabin components. Cockpit Chronicles: How In-flight Crew Meals Are Prepared, New Flight Attendant Bikini Calendar Now Available. 4 MINUTES. Sign up to receive a single weekly email with recent posts and other travel news. Watch; ... Airbus A320 Package Flight Simulator Home Cockpit Saitek Sticker X-Plane FS2020. However, only one year after the A320 family launched, Airbus announced a further … 360° panorama photo from Canary Islands by Luis Davilla. Brand New. Don't Leave Home without the Latest Tips and Tricks! I originally found the video on YouTube and have shared it here, but I think the image quality is much better if you visit the original on the Blick website — the colors are sharper and more saturated, which really helps add to the experience, and you can zoom in and out. The A320 was the model aircraft for Airbus that pushed the company to become a household name. Prepare for type rating, simulator or flight training, anytime, anywhere. Free shipping. Canary Islands. (The YouTube caption incorrectly states that the flight departed Zurich on its way to Geneva.). [AirClips360] ... Airbus' A320 Mobile (AL) plant is no longer exempt from tariffs applied by the US Trade Representative in the 16-year long trade war with the European Union. by Scott MackenzieLast updated December 13, 2017. The Airbus A320 Memory Items Trainer lets you learn, practice and test procedures in immersive 360° UHD cockpit from your tablet or phone. The Defence Ministry on Thursday allowed the Defence Research and Development Organisation to convert Air India’s six A320 family aircraft into … Réseaux sociaux. Incredible 360 degree interactive video shows a pilot's-eye view of taxiing, take-off and landing in an Airbus A320 Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger … Scott is a former scientist and business student who created Travel Codex to unravel the complexity of travel loyalty programs. The 360° Virtual Cabin is an integrated training media which replicates the real & entire aircraft cabin of the airline via 360° photos. Overview. Cabin Crew can practice self-study to learn and refresh at their own pace. La Newsletter Robin Aircraft. Categories. Download A320 Cockpit Systems and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Travel Codex is owned by Travel Codex, LLC. To ensure a successful entry-into-service and safe operations of all Airbus aircraft, Airbus provides a full range of cabin crew training courses. Navigate the 360 degree view with your mouse or the A/S/D/W keys during the Geneva to Zurich flight. Virtual Reality 360 Rotating Cockpit Simulator 9D VR Flight Arcade Fly SEE VIDEO. 4K. They both offer an increased fuselage cross-section leading to an increased revenue potential through : Application can be customized to the airline using their own logo, graphical chart and to their specific aircraft configuration and equipment. Reconstruction 360º of an Airbus A320 images from made … The app is a "lights and switches" study tool. The first iteration is based on the popular Airbus A320 cockpit as there are 9,000 flying globally today. This ebook provides an interactive illustration of the A-320-200 aircraft systems. Unsubscribe at any time. The A320 series has two variants, the A320-100 and A320-200. Airbus A320 cockpit Iberia Express company. We'll never sell or share your information with anyone. $29,900.00. Our cabin crew extended training provides assistance to operating cabin crew with their knowledge of the new aircraft cabin systems and safety equipment. Tap on the appropriate picture to view any display, switch, or control panel. A319/A320/A321 introduction 1.5 The A319/A320/A321 are narrow body, twin-engined, short / medium-range aircraft, the A319 being the shortened version of the A320, and the A321 being the stretched version of the A320. Blick is a Swiss daily newspaper published in German, and they recently created a 360-degree video of the cockpit in a SWISS A320 during its flight from Geneva to Zurich. This content has not been approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Aircraft Here you see interactive 360 virtual tours. 3D. Fortunately, Swiss YouTube channel Blick has this nifty 360-degree video of an Airbus A320 cockpit during a flight from Zurich to Geneva to give us a … BOOKMARK FOR VR. A320 COCKPIT DIMENSIONS. These aircraft, the first to be manufactured, were delivered to Air Inter - later acquired by Air France - and British Airways as a result of an order from British Caledonian made prior to its acquisition. Step back in time and climb into the 360 degree virtual cockpits and flight decks to see what it is like to be in the pilot’s seat. Recent Posts. Add to Collection. Here is a gallery of measurements I managed to gather in A320 cockpit visits. For further information, please refer to our Retour vers le futur. For the effect to work your outside view should be panoramic, preferably covering entire field of vision, 180° or even 225°. cookies policy. Restez informé de l'actualité Robin Aircraft #1; Plan du site. • Learn procedures in a 360° interactive UHD panoramic photo of the A320 cockpit It enables cabin access in a virtual & customized environment to the airline: trainees can view, locate the safety equipment and the main cabin components in a realistic and interactive environment and to learn thanks to the integrated media.
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